Who we are

Our dynamic team consists of professionals graduated from top-ranking universities from Europe. Our first-hand knowledge about the universities in Europe will help you to smoothen your adventurous journey to Study in Europe. You will get a friendly advise and consultation from us. Your first interaction will be with Mr. Sayem here in Bangladesh and our correspondence in Europe Mr. Babrik, who is currently pursuing his 2nd Master’s programme in France will give you the live scenario of ‘Study in Europe’.

Ring Tower, 06/A, Ring Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Phone: +88 01406252227 / (+49) 15227615357 / (+33) 758848154
Email: fazle@studyeurope.vip / babrik1093@gmail.com

About Us

Study EUROPE is an education consultancy company designed by trained Foreign Graduates who have years of experience which ensures that your application to Universities guarantee a much higher chance of acceptance

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