Why study in Europe

Europe is always way ahead than most of the countries because of their leading position in innovation, invention and technology. Universities in Europe were established centuries ago driving renaissance and education system has always been a driving force of modern advancement and implementation of innovation. Europe not being homogenous, is a mixture of diverse culture which you will encounter once you are find a classroom filled with Europeans with varying identities, ideas, languages and nationalities. It is a youth culture to live in moment and you will have a challenging time maintain balance between party and studies. It is not a secret, that you will have ample opportunity to enjoy. In conclusion, we assure that you will have a life time experience throughout your journey in Europe.

Education system

Based on credit system (ETCS, European Credit Transfer System), automatic recognition of credits in Europe and in most advanced countries, European university degree is well recognised in and around the world with many universities offering a semester or a year abroad option in their diploma as a part of Erasmus+ program, mostly in Europe but also in other continents. Many universities offer double degree option with some offering joint degree with 3 to 4 partner universities which is a unique opportunity both in terms of academic and job opportunities.

Schengen area countries

Total 26 countries comprises in Schengen area. So, if you have access to one Schengen country that means you can travel to all other 25 countries without visa and restrictions. No other Visa will not give you such opportunities and freedom to explore.

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