Sweden could be the gateway for you to the advanced modern world. Make your mark in this modern world through the higher study in Sweden.

This is the most multicultural country: 15 % of Swedes were born in another country, while about one in five children in Sweden has a family with roots in another country. So, you will never feel left alone there. English is always accepted everywhere, i.e. in campuses, in neighborhood and in workplaces.

Before completion of study during Thesis work you will get the opportunity to start your career already in your respective field in Sweden. Even during your study there is no time limit work for a part time job. Medical service is almost free of cost during your study. Swedish universities are the top world ranking universities. Meet with our counselor and get direct counseling by a former graduate of Swedish topmost university, KTH and start your journey to the most well-organized country in the world.

  • chance to get visa for spouse and children.
  • no time limit of work hour for admitted students.
  • student residence permit allows to work full time beside study. (but remember, students must complete 30 credit in a year to obtain extension of visa)
  • will be allowed to get a job seeking visa after completion of study.
  • opportunity to get work permit visa after completion of 60 credits (equivalent to 1-year study completion) and thereby get Permanent residence permit after 4 years.
  • Country of Nobel prize. 3 universities in top 100 Universities and 13 universities in top 500 – QS ranking
  • apply for up to 8 bachelor’s programmes or 4 master’s programmes per application round.
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